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Dark Trio Washable Paper(less) Towels

Dark Trio Washable Paper(less) Towels

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You deserve some ease in your life--goodness knows we all need it after this past year. While a lot of convenience is wasteful, with single serving wrappers and excessive packaging, cutting down on waste doesn’t have to mean cutting out convenience.

Take a step toward a more eco-friendly life by replacing paper towels. This set of grey, dark grey, and black paper(less) towels will make cutting down your usage a no-brainer. Easy to use, clean, and store, these 12” x 8” (30.5cm x 20.3cm) washable paper towels are the perfect replacement for disposables. Roll them onto a reused paper towel tube (or one of our sturdy centers), and they’ll fit anywhere a conventional roll will. 
Cute AND Durable

Made of 100% cotton flannel, this set of 20 paperless towels will help you mop up that spill from your dog, the splatter from dinner, or even the daunting task of cleaning off the stovetop. They are sewn with an overlock stitch with cotton thread to make sure your towels serve you for years to come, and no microplastics are sent into the watershed when you wash them.

No muss, no fuss washing - These paperless towels don’t need any special treatment. Wash them with your clothes, or however you wash your other towels. Wash, dry, and roll back up for another round.

Save green by going green
The average American family goes through 1.5-2 rolls of paper towels per WEEK. Cutting out this disposable and replacing it with paperless towels will save you hundreds of dollars over the towels’ lifetime.

• Adorable patterns
• 12” x 8” (30.5cm x 20.3cm)
• Fits on reused center roll
• 100% Cotton Flannel, Overlock stitch for durability
• Multi-purpose- replace paper towels, cleaning cloths, napkins, etc.

Care: Wash using preferred detergent. Put in dryer or hang to dry.
Find more cute patterns here.Find other ways to become more sustainable.These paperless towels are going to save you a lot of money over time. Find out how else zero waste can help you save some more green by going eco-friendly.

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