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Mandala Tree of Life Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Mandala Tree of Life Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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This is not just a puzzle — it is a wooden puzzle. It will be a great gift for both a child and an adult. 

Ancient legends say that an amazing Tree grows in the very center of the Earth.

Its branches touch the sky, the roots go deep into the ground, and flowers and animals hide in the shadow of its trunk. Its majestic crown is entwined with the roots, forming an inseparable circle — a symbol of an endless life. 

We have embodied ancient legends in our puzzle Mandala Tree of Life.

You will find butterflies and stars, birds and flowers, animals and planets during assembly. In order to enhance the meditative effect, we added two types of abstract pieces — rigid, geometric, and soft, smooth ones.

Streaks are stretched all across the Tree, and it seems like Life itself runs in them — such pieces of the jigsaw shine because they are covered with lacquer! The same effect has on the gift box.

Nothing disappears without a trace in nature — everything is reborn, modified, and intertwined. In the place of old leaves, new ones appear, and from the many abstract details in the very center of the mandala, the figure of a Tree grows. They say that life is lived not in vain if you leave the world a better place. Do you remember the old proverb about the son, the house, and the tree? Our Mandala Tree of Life is the very symbol of the infinite development, the connection of all living things on earth, underground, and in heaven. It can be assembled separately and then combined with the rest of the jigsaw puzzle. 

It is a great gift — a sign of rebirth, a new stage of life, and hope that everything will be puzzled out.

This exciting game is suitable for school children and adults.

Size M - 9.8x9.8 in - 200 pcs - middle complexity, age 14+, puzzling time 2-4 hours.

King Size - 13x13 in - 350 pcs - high complexity, age 14+, puzzling time 4-6 hours.

Royal Size - 17.7x17.7 in - 700 pcs - very high complexity, age 14+, puzzling time 6-8 hours.

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