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Natural Dye Scarf Kit

Natural Dye Scarf Kit

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Learn to dye silk using natural dyes with this all inclusive kit!

Four beautiful natural dyes are included and can be used to create a beautiful blend of colors on a luxurious silk scarf. Colors are lasting and the finished scarf is hand washable.

This beginner-friendly kit includes all supplies and instructions to dye a gorgeous, multicolored scarf. The silk scarf is pretreated and ready for dyeing! Instructions also include ideas to make simple patterns as well as how to create your desired color palette by using all or just some of the included dyes. Finished scarf can be worn, used for fabric gift wrap, or displayed in your home. It's also the perfect size and weight to be used as a children's play silk.

KIT INCLUDES: - One 100% silk scarf with a hand-rolled hem, 30 inches square - 4 natural dyes: weld (yellow), madder (red-orange), logwood (purple, cochineal (pink) - Full color instruction booklet - Rubber bands

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