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Apothecary Jar Wooden Matches

Apothecary Jar Wooden Matches

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These apothecary jar wooden matches are perfect for many uses or gifts. Each bottle contains 21 sturdy wooden safety matches made of Aspen and sourced from responsibly managed forests. These matches pair perfectly with any of our candles. They are a great add on to any gift, and perfect for any home decor. 

D e t a i l s

  • This listing includes one apothecary jar of matches
  • Bottle dimensions: approximately 3 1/8" tall to top of cork and .8" wide
  • 21 sturdy Aspen wooden safety matchsticks from responsibly managed forests with green tip
  • Matches approximately 2 1/4" long
  • Modern honeycomb strike on the side of the bottle

Store matches in a safe place away from children and pets. 

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